• Technological Innovations in 2017

    Ringing in the New Year is new hopes, new things, everything new.

  • Smart Home tech and IoT

    IoT (internet of things) is the most spoken topic in the recent years

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Technological Innovations in 2017

Ringing in the New Year is new hopes, new things, everything new. When we talk about new, on the technical side it’s always an excitement of what’s new on the innovation box. It’s so amazing what technology has made to our lives, with just a device in the pocket we can stay connected globally. When you need cables to connect your devices, you can find them on https://www.netwerkkabel.eu/cat6-kabels/.

Talk non-stop over skype to a sister or brother in a far-off country, with no interruptions. Just a click away is everything, food, fun and lots more. Applications have spoilt us for choices! Be it for gaming, fit zones, health care apps or the spiritual side apps. There are apps to take care of your health deeply, to assist you in everything. What does one require when there is assistance already!

With increasing demand, there is more pressure on the technological side to come up with more innovative things and interesting too. Here they are the top most trendsetters of 2017.

Smart Home tech and IoT:

IoT (internet of things) is the most spoken topic in the recent years and its connection for a better and safer home. But though technically it’s all ready to use, there is a problem with the companies in collaboration and too much competition for it. It’s no wonder that there is competition for every tiny bit, but the way it is makes all the difference.

Competing to provide a service is very different than competing to take up the challenge of providing, which is holding up this technology from being implemented. Now, giants like amazon and google have been into it, we can surely see changes happening and dreams of smarter homes come true.  These players are sure to implement the technology in a much smarter way and provide them for even reasonable prices in the coming years. So, 2017 will see a change in the way we live.

VRand AR:

2016 had already seen few releases of VR (Virtual Reality) devices and its making people go crazy for it. 2017 is still going to see few more releases from major brands, which completely change the whole level of the market. Oculus Rift is already receiving great response and Pokémon go has crossed 100 million downloads, it’s time for a change in the way we game, and people are ready for it!

AR (Augmented reality) is also doing its waves in the industry. So in 2017, with full-fledged devices, it’s going to be real taking-off. These two technologies are sure to rule the world in all vigor. Get ready for more power and excitement!

Learning via machines:

In the last few years, the way of learning has changed. With lots of technological changes, it’s seen to change even further. There are talks about the most visited google search engine algorithm to be enhanced.  Auto-intelligence is going to take over all the applications making the user experience better.

This machine learning will be seen in all types of consumer product applications, giving better recommendations improving the user experience and also assisting you to make better choices. The analytics app is going to go in for a makeover and come out more efficient.

Big Data:

This word has been around for close to 4-5 years. Big data is expected to see changes for the better. it’s nothing but utilizing huge data, accumulated in everything, planning better medical treatments and better marketing campaigns and executive ways. Though this big data has some potential threat, but when used for productivity it’s going to be more beneficial than bad.


We have seen automation of things since long, may be from 10 years. Automating almost everything has been the aim. We have been succeeding to some extent, but total success is the aim further.

Robotics in journalism is already been here,     there are more practical implements this year and going forward. There is going to be productivity skyrocketing with robotics and few human jobs will completely disappear. Just imagine having automated systems everywhere, your quality of life and time will be improved.

Cloud-based service:

With more improvisation, apps are now somewhat outdated. There is going to be needed for much better things and cloud will be the solution in the future. Though there are certain businesses making use of cloud services, not everything has it. 2017 is going to see this service being implemented in the wider way, reducing the application madness.

Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable.
Joseph Wood Krutch